Om Stiftelsen

Sven-Olof Janson born January 30th, 1929 in Halmstad founded El-spiraler/Tylö AB, which he managed to steer and develop with great success due to his drive and true work ethic for over more than five decades.

At the age of 20, he had constructed a spinning machine for making resistance wire. Furthermore, he founded Firma El-spiraler in his father’s woodshed.
In the mid 1950’s, Sven-Olof designed the first electric sauna heaters which became the foundation of the company's continued growth and success.

In 1959, the construction of the factory took place in the Larsfrids area in Halmstad. The factory soon grew into a major industrial company, manufacturing a wide range of products within the field of saunas, steam, and showers. All with the TYLÖ brand name. Today, the TYLÖ products are exported and sold in over 80 countries worldwide.

The unique “Tylö-spirit”, created by Sven-Olof along with his co-workers, will serve as an inspiration for this establishment’s future operations and actions.